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The current media and influences landscape requires a resilient brand and reputation and excellence in visitor and resident experience development.  We assist organisations in the field of  heritage and tourism in coping with these challenges by developing a solid strategic narrative and by bringing clarity and coherence in (marketing and corporate) communication.

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Communication hands-on. We love concept and content development. Our Full Circle Content Creation Canvas informs the planning and creation of content across each stage of the customer experience journey.  

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Developing a competitive identity, co-creating memorable visitor experiences, collaborating to preserve cultural and natural heritage… all this requires empowering organisations and communities through capacity building and creating the mindset necessary to successfully turn values into practices.

Book cover Heritage Sustainable Tourism Digital Media Karin Elgin-Nijhuis

Connect – Heritage Interpretation and Storytelling

Authors: Silvia De Ascaniis and Karin Elgin-Nijhuis

Handbook on Heritage, Sustainable Tourism and Digital Media
Editors: Silvia De Ascaniis and Lorenzo Cantoni

USI – Università della Svizzera italiana, UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites, Lugano, Switzerland

Expected : January 2022
Publisher:  Edward Elgar Publishing

As a communications student I assisted Karin in researching and compiling the Handbook on E-marketing for Tourism Destinations. She provided clear guidance and strong support while I worked in my thesis. I gained hands-on experience and insight in global digital marketing trends and this definitely boosted my employment prospects.

Vincentia Tri Astuti | InHolland Hogeschool Rotterdam | Google Singapore | Sony Indonesia | About her final year’s internship

The participation of Karin Elgin-Nijhuis was of great value for the course given her vast experience and knowledge, transmitted and made available to participants during the whole event.

Omar Valdez | Executive Director | About the 2015 UNWTO Themis Foundation UNWTO Capacity Building Course on E-Marketing in Zimbabwe