What we do and how we work with clients
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Brand Strategy

The media and influences landscape is continually changing. This requires a resilient brand. Elgin & Co. combine brand expertise with knowledge and experience in e-marketing.  We assist destinations and organisations in connecting a brand story to trends in tourism, customer dreams and sustainable development goals.

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Content Planning and Creation

Our Full Circle Content Marketing Plans inform the planning of content across each stage of the customer experience journey.  We enjoy creating and co-creating branded content with specialist partners and/or your team, for corporate, marketing and PR communication purposes.

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Capacity and Culture

We focus on empowering people and organisations by capacity building and creating the mindset necessary for success.  We enjoy sharing knowledge and experience through guest lectures, conferences, master classes, training and coaching on the job.

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Research and Assessment

Our services include destination case studies, staff skills and education needs assessments, digital branding and marketing audits and evaluations.  We get involved in writing reports and handbooks.