Province of Drenthe

Province of Drenthe, Netherlands

The Province of Drenthe has chosen to developing a strategic narrative for the marketing of its heritage i.e. a collection of overarching storylines bringing focus and coherence in the presentation and marketing of Drenthe’s past. The storylines are intended to assist in comprehending the past and communicating attractively and powerfully Drenthe’s cultural and natural heritage to visitors.

To this end, the Provincial Executive Board wished to gather knowledge about trends in (heritage) tourism, visitors’ wishes and needs – information to support the creation of the strategic narrative, product development and marketing communications. TEAM associates Karin Elgin-Nijhuis and Gaelle Connolly produced the report Trends in (Heritage) Tourism: An International Perspective that:

  • Brought together key findings of the most important research reports/institutions
  • Highlighted major international trends, developments and themes and their implications
  • Reviewed the outbound travel market segments that have a particular interest in cultural and heritage tourism
  • Provided insights into consumer motivations, needs and expectations, decision making processes and booking behaviour
  • Included inspiring case studies illustrating the way in which comparator destinations handle tourism strategy & planning and branding & marketing
  • Suggestions/sources for further research.

Photo:  Province of Drenthe, Netherlands | © Monique Nijhuis