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Strategy tells you where to go. Communication inspires people to go there with you. It's the only thing that ever does.

Karin Elgin Nijhuis


  • MA in (Ancient) History | Utrecht University
  • MSc in Corporate Communication |  Rotterdam School of Management | Erasmus University
  •  Andreas Award for Innovation in Corporate Communication 2018 |  Corporate Communication Centre | RSM | EUR
  • Post-graduate & certificates:  Internet Developer & Advisor | Information Strategy | E-commerce |  Gamification | Education | UN Safety in the Field.


  • Utrecht University | Dutch  tour operators | Holland.com |
    Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions  NBTC.
  • Associate consultant in  TEAM Tourism Consulting.
  • Co-founder & organiser Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality, International Conference | HTHIC.


  • Consultant & Interim 

Hakan Elgin

Expertise & Experience

  • More than twenty years of experience in software development and architecture, ICT infrastructure and security.


  • Partner | technical advisor

& Co.

  • The colleagues in TEAM Tourism Consulting. TEAM is an international consultancy specialising in strategic and operational planning of all aspects of destination management and marketing.
  • The wealth of expertise and specialist skills partners bring to projects and the generosity with which they contribute to research activities and events.
  • The collaborative approach brought to projects ensuring optimal use is made of the knowledge and experience of clients and all involved.

Elgin & Co. are Partner of the UNWTO in the
One Planet – Sustainable Tourism Programme.

Karin Elgin Nijhuis is a member of:
ICOMOS NL      | International Council of Monuments and Sites
ICOMOS ICTC | International Cultural Tourism Committee

Photos: Working in Turkey, Finland and Zimbabwe.